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Friday, December 08, 2006

Matrix Party

My gym had its annual anniversary party last night. I met my friend Jeannie, who just renewed her membership.

Pictured is "Scruffy", Marisca, Jeannie, Jason, and Marika.
Good party, bad wine (but that didn't stop us from drinking LOTS of it), and good food including sushi and pizza. I know - odd combination. I think people complained that last year we had sushi and it was fantastic - so somebody sprang for one big tray of it later in the party.
At least no guys made passes at me. Last year, three guys wanted to take me home and make me "special"! It wouldn't aggravate me if I had at least an equal number of women doing the same (gasp).

The foot is healing okay. I can almost walk perfectly normal. Jeannie and I plan to meet Tuesday like we used to. My power-walk is about as fast as her jog, so hopefully I'll do okay.
Had my foot x-ray'd yesterday. No word yet. I don't think there's anything a doctor can do for my foot. It's just that I need to know what happened so I'll know what therapy/diet I need. If it's a stress fracture, then it'll heal and that the end. If it's ligaments, tendons, sheathing, then I need to eat a special diet and special regimen to
carefully rebuild the strength with as little scar-tissue as possible. If it's cartilage - man, I'm FUBAR. Cartilage in a spot like that doesn't heal well enough to do 100-milers like I want. So I'm crossing my fingers for a bone fracture.


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