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Friday, December 15, 2006

Where's Winter?

It's been a really warm week. People are running in tank tops and shorts. No one is wearing a coat. Wish I could be running.
The foot still hurts, but not much. The Podiatrist wants me to stay off it, and I have, but I feel like walking on it normal. Instead, I still limp some, just to keep the stress off.

I rode my bike Tuesday, then worked-out at Matrix Wed & Thur, and probably will tonight. After being sedentary for several weeks, one half-work-out made me sore. But now I'm back into it. Muscles have memory. I toned fast. Even after two consecutive days of full work-outs, I'm not sore.
I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical. If I stay back on my heals, it keeps the stress off.

Went to a great party last night. There were LOTS of BEAUTIFUL women there!!
Met a couple of hot lawyers. One totally turned me off with negative rant about how rude runners are, and then she crossed her arms. Her friend was much nicer. She wore a red knit blouse turtleneck with a big round picture window on her cleavage. And the whole time we talked, she kept looking at my boobs. I guess her attitude was, "Here's mine, now hold still while I look at yours." It was funny. I've always done tons of pushups, so I guess I've ended up with MarineCorp pecks. So now I know what it's like when big-chested women are talking to guys with droopy-eyes. "Hey, I'm up here!"
It was a great time, lots of very good wine, especially the Beaujolais Village, and lots of great munchies.


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