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Thursday, December 21, 2006

So THAT'S where winter went!

OK, a few days ago I was asking where winter was.

Here's rush-hour traffic this morning. Even after the massive T-Rex project widened the highway, and put in a lightrail train, the stretch on the left is usually a giant parking lot this time of the morning.
To take this picture, I just stopped my CR-V in the middle of the bridge. I didn't have to worry about my car getting in anyone's way.

Here's Washington Park. There was actually more than two feet of snow, but the wind helped pack it down. The stuff on top is very fluffy, but the bottom half is very dense.
Anyone wanna go fer a run?
A few blocks from where this photo was taken, a small army of guys, and two 4x4 Suburbans, were extricating an ambulance from a neighborhood side-street.

I didn't have any problem getting to work. The reason was that everyone stayed home. All the restaurants are closed. I brewed my own coffee this morning because I knew none of the Einstiens Bagel shops would be open. You know things are serious when a guy can't buy a cup o' joe in yuppie-ville!

Of course, I love this stuff, so I'm not complaining. My CR-V is always stocked for adventure. Hell, I had to remember to take my boots and snowpants INSIDE before bed so that I'd have them in the a.m.
CR-V's are not serious 4x4's. If my CR-V can handle this stuff, it's not too bad.

However, my brother lives in Lafayette and works in Boulder. The fine folks in the People's Republic of Boulder don't seem to be very savvy. Many of them apparently don't know you're supposed to stock up before a storm (like filling your gas tank). So many of them got stuck in traffic jams that ended up FUBAR because many of them ran out of gas. So even those who had sufficient vehicles with a full tank of gas were boxed-in! My brother's Jeep is serious, though. He was 4-wheeling over medians and driving across grass. He ended up having to just go where he could. It took him hours to get home.
Which is considerably better than the ones who were stuck for 12 hours!


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