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Friday, August 17, 2007

20 Hours to Go

The Anytrail Lodge is not nice, by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the people who stay here are like me - guys who are used to camping. Compared to camping, Anytrails is a luxury.
Here's where it shines: The guy who runs the place has done the LT100 numerous times. I get to stay here 5 days for only $200. And there's WiFi, cable TV (I don't even have that at home), microwave, and refrigerator.
Right now I have to get my medical check-up and weigh-in. During the race they'll weigh us again at Winfield. If our weight is too low by then, they'll make us stop and rehydrate. They might also DNF me. So for the med-check weigh-in everyone does this before they eat breakfast. We want to be our lightest to avoid getting yanked at Winfield.


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