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Sunday, August 05, 2007


I drove up to Guanella Pass and slept in my CR-V. I got there late and went to bed even later.
I had a very bad day down in Denver. Nothing tragic, just that I never seem to have enough hours to do stuff. My computer lab has been gradually getting into such a situation that it has become impossible to get any work done. I took apart half the lab and reassembled it better. Now I have more room.
In the process, I had an avalanche off the top of my little refrigerator that shattered my coffee pot all over the carpet. And a bag of sugar and a bag of flour also spilled everywhere! I got the sugar and flour cleaned up, but I just don't have enough time (time, time, time!). I gave up. The coffee pot has been scattered all over the carpet since yesterday morning and I haven't gotten home yet to clean it up.
To save time, I ate at McDonalds (see how desparate for time I was?)
On Guanella Pass, full-stop. Scheduled quiet-time for myself, whether life wants me to or not.
I watched the DVD Slow Burn. (I loved it!)

I hadn't planned on a climb of Bierstadt, but I needed altitude, and it's an easy 14er to climb. I'd neglected to bring food or sport drink, but I scrounged and found three Safeway Nutritional Drinks, and my film canister was loaded with e-caps, so I was good-to-go.

So in spite of a lousy Saturday, I ended up squeezing in my altitude training.

During night training, I discovered that just a small reduction in light slows me down a lot, because the footing is hazardous. In spite of slowing down, I still trip, stub my toes like crazy, and twist my ankles.
I also figured out another problem. Heading out to Mayqueen, I'll be dropping my flashlight and headlamps (flashlight in hand, headlamp on head, another on my belt). I will need them again at Twin Lakes miles away! So another logistical problem. I solved it by buying more flashlights and headlamps! What a gear-glutton!
So at 1am last night, I tested them all.
The new Petzel Tikka Plus, with 4 LEDs, was the brightest at the distance I tend to stare at when running.

The Black Diamond Spot, also with 4 LEDs, one allegedly "super-bright", was not as good, even though it cost about $6 more.

My Zipka is still an excellent special-purpose mini-lamp that attached to either my head or my wrist. It's not so bright but still nice.

My regular, old Tikka is my waist lamp.

I have a Brinkman flashlight that is super-bright, but it uses a zenon bulb that eats batteries. I can only use it to spot-check. If I leave it on, it'll eat up $15 of lithium 3-volt batteries in about 20 minutes.
I bought a new 3-LED PrincetonTec Attitude flashlight. It's not as bright, but I can leave it on. It should last all night.

From the start line, I'll probably have my Tikka waist light, my Brinkman zenon, and Black Diamond Spot.
Going the other way, I'll have PrincetonTec Attitude, Zipka, and the Tikka Plus.


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