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Friday, July 20, 2007

Chronic FOMO Developing

I always run the Silent Trails Memorial race each September.
I have a serious scheduling conflict! Four events on that one day! Why is October 13 so popular?

Sat. Oct. 13 - Silent Trails Memorial
Sat. Oct. 13 - Buffalo Creek 50K, 7am, from CtyRds 126 & 96
Sat, Oct. 13-14 - 24 Hours of Boulder ($110 - geminiadventures.com)
Sat, Oct. 13-14 - Boulder 100 ($110 or $130 after Sept 1)
Here's another race related to the Silent Trails Memorial:
The Shane Shatto Memorial & Remember the Wyoming Eight, 5K Run/Walk & 10K Run

The link is for last year's info. Looks like fun.
For 2007 information contact:
Kerry Shatto or Pete Zellner on that link.

As for October 13, looks like I'll have to do Amber Deboer's 50K. I've already told her I'd be there, plus these are people I'd like to see somewhat regularly. They tend to all be from further south and west of me, like the Salida/BuenaVista region.
But I also REALLY want to do 24-Hours of Boulder!
FOMO! FOMO! (Fear Of Missing Out) What can I do? So much fun and so little time? So lucky to have such problems!


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