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Friday, July 13, 2007

Found a Runner to Pace

I found a runner to pace at Hard Rock!
I even got a second offer that was too late. The 2nd offer was a guy who finished HR100 about a half-dozen times!

Ran into Paul G, too. He's doing great.

Check out the live results..
Hard Rock Live!

My runner, JB, is a two-time veteran, and he's done several other 100's including Western States, so even though he's back-of-the-pack, he's reliable.
Good news: I get to run from Telluride all the way to the finish in Silverton. Those are some extremely rugged miles! ETA is about noon Saturday. Finish ETA is approximately 2am. Lots of night-running with a sliver of moon that is supposed to be useless. A very dark night in the rockies.
I so totally love this!


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