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Monday, July 30, 2007


My Dirty Girl gaiters came in and I used a pair during the night run. It's so nice to run trails without getting rocks and sand in my shoes! The fabric is so thin you don't even know they're there.

Our night run from Fish Hatchery was only 23.5 miles. I could have blown that away in 4hr, since there was only one hill, but that would have been the wrong kind of stress for my "taper".
I've now been on every inch of the LT100 course.

My Excel graph shows a pretty nice sawtooth, but the line has kind of gotten out of its pattern, lately. This shows that I've eliminated tough weeks.

Jan = 17.0 miles (Yes, total! Still recovering from my broken foot.)
Feb = 54.2
Mar = 177.2
Apr = 195.0
May = 200.1
Jun = 229.7
Jul = 192.1

I've done lots of research. I've picked the brains of dozens of people who've completed 100-milers, and even many who've failed - so that I hopefully don't make the same mistakes.
I now know two people who've attempted the LT100 five times and failed every time.
Nobody told me what kind of schedule to use. Right or wrong, I designed my own training and diet, not even based-on anyone else's plan.


At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Meghan said...

Dude, I must be totally clueless. I had no idea that you had a broken foot as recently as January. Wow. That is an incredible comeback.

I think back to what I was going 8 months after my stress fracture, and it wasn't prepping for a 100 miler.

I'm thoroughly impressed.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger JeffO said...

Meghan, I actually broke it November 11, during Rim Rock with 2.5 miles to go...
But it was still healing in January and February. I didn't wear a cast - just bicycle shoes and ice-climbing boots. My doctor said that was fine - that I had the right idea.

I'm no Danelle Ballangee, who can break her hip Dec 13th, have multiple hip surgeries including titanium plates, and then race in May and win races in June! Geez! She's my hero!


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