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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stirrin' up Mud

I'm enjoying my taper. No stress.

I ran well at the Tuesday Wash park run. Felt great.
I walked a mile yesterday.
Tonight is the DTR run in the foohills. I'll walk and jog. My left ankle is still healing from twisting it twice last Saturday, so I can't jeopardize the healing. Running around Wash Park is flat. Gudy Gaskill trail is not. So I'll concentrate on getting some good circulation going and leave it at that. It's time to leave - and it's raining, but you all know I'm amphibious, right?

Check out all the hoopla on Scott Dunlap's blog. Apparently Scott Jurek was asked a pointed question in an interview about Dean Karnazes and the answer was not "gentile". Now there's all sorts of mud-slinging stirring up everywhere. Yikes!
This seems more a clash of basic personality traits than about any right-or-wrong. And much of this "problem" has nothing to do with any ultrarunners - it was created by the showbiz media industry that sells "stuff".
I just hope people measure their words. What we say and do reflects on the image of the ultrarunning community. Whether we're elite runners or not, our comments and behavior collectively define what ultrarunning is. Regardless of our differences in style, let's all love running. What goes around comes around.


At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Meghan said...

Yeah, peace, love, and trail dirt, man. It's a scene over there, ain't it? People get balsy under the cover of anonymity in their blog commentary.

So, you should post a pic of your Dirty Girls so we can see what fabulous colors you have.

I'm glad you're happy tapering! I hope it stays that way.


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Apparently Scott Jurek isn't much of a baseball fan. He talks about how you never read about the guys hitting .500 in baseball. Five-hundred?!! Who has ever hit .500 in MLB? If somebody did, I can assure you we'd be reading about it. I guess Scott doesn't think that .500 is very good. Like I said, apparently not much of a baseball fan. But what guy wouldn't know that hitting .500 is like impossible?

At 3:27 PM, Blogger JeffO said...

After listening to the entire thing, I don't think Jurek was all that acidic.
I thought the question from the reporter was rude. Why ask a runner his opinion of another? That's asking to stir up merde!
But yes, Kevin, like most ultra-runners, we tend not to watch sports. By-and-large, we aren't spectators of anything. We accidentally get tidbits from our spectator friends and the news as we turn it off. I somewhat disagreed with him about hitting home runs. I don't think the media will care who breaks any home run records, they're gonna be all over them.
Wow, there's at least one person who knows less about baseball than me? Maybe?
The Colorado Rockies is the name of Denver's baseball team. That is all I know about the Rockies. I can't name the coach or any player.
Ultra-running is just a fringe sport. It'll never be a big-industry sport like football or baseball because ultra-running can't be viewed in it's entirety from an arena.


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