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Friday, March 28, 2008

Moab Wx Forecast

For the past couple of weeks, and for the terminal future, my company's firewall has and will block nearly the entire Internet. Since I work in the technology sector, I fully understand this. Video download, blogs, music, MySpace, all these sorts of sites are not legitimate for work purposes, and yet they can easily hog 60% of the bandwidth at any company.
But I'm guilty. As long as they let me, I took advantage.
So now I post via my tiny iPhone, and on rare occasions, I actually get to use WiFi at a coffee shop or bar (which seems to be broken or over-taxed half the time). So my posting will be more erratic.
I refuse to get hi-speed at home because then I might never get out and socialize. That has been a problem in years past for me.
Getting out, sometimes I get interrupted by someone who wants to have a conversation. I remind myself this is the whole point! So in those situations, my blogging doesn't get done.
I still figure this is the right priority.

The weather forecast for the Moab100 is neither good nor particularly bad, and it's all over the place. Checking daily, the forecast has called for winds between 11-20mph, and temps 37-68F, with a slight chance of rain, 50% clouds, and a little moonlight. The wind isn't epic, but we have no trees or other terrain protections. We will be getting constantly blown on predominantly in the 18mph range most of the time for as many hours as it takes.
And that's very much like it was at the Boulder100.

I'm going to have FUN!!!!!!!!!!


At 9:35 AM, Blogger jgirl said...

Have FUN! Just checking in. Looks like you are on the go. Life certainly includes those moments, those divine interventions or appointments as I like to consider them. How amazing is that? Oh yeah...have fun! ~j

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Ok JeffO, I know you said you're going to be blogging less, but I hope you're able to check in tonight and tell us about how it went. I've been fingers-crossed-thinking-positive-thoughts all weekend for you!

Hope it went spectacularly and you're feeling as good as you possibly can right now!



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