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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fast Week

The past week is a blur with very little running.
Wednesday and Thursday, I called in sick because my sinuses were gushing. Even fully-dosed, my sinuses were running and I was sneezing. I didn't feel sick otherwise, but I couldn't go to work drowsy, buzzing, sneezing, and gushing.
So no running Wednesday. Thursday evening, a cold front blew in with 40+mph winds. DTR ran on South Table Mtn, so we got the full brunt of it. The wind was clean - no smog or dust - so it really cleared my sinuses. I walked most of the headwinds with my hands over my ears, but with a tailwind, I flew back.
Friday was spent doing laundry.
The weekend was spent with my son on a roadtrip. We slept in the back of my CR-V.
On Sunday, we saw about 100 deer.
I stopped at Monarch Pass and got in one mile of strenuous snowshoeing up a very steep slope.
Monday was John C's birthday. What a totally great party! Lost another day of training, but I guess there's more to life than running.
Tuesday, in spite of having the Moab100 coming up soon, I ran as hard as I could for 5.2M.
I only plan to walk each day until Moab.


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