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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Salida Marathon Results & Photos

Okay, so 4:58 doesn't sound fast for a marathon. Heck, my 50K PR is better than that! But with trail running, you can't very often compare different races, as far as finish times go. So this is how I look at it: This race has been done for three years. This year had the 'worst' trail conditions of the three years. Yet I still PR'd! Only by 7 minutes, but that's decent enough.
Salida Marathon Results
The photos are courtesy of Brenda and Mark Wiard. Out of the total goodness of their hearts, they each had a camera and snapped nearly simultaneously. These are the best photos that have been taken of me during a race, and they asked nothing in return! They're the BEST! Thanks Brenda and Mark!

These photos don't show the deepest snow, plus the couple of miles of the deepest would have been quite a difficult hike, and these photos were after most people had trampled it down,
but you can get an idea what the trail was like.

I love these technical, rocky downhills. That's when I let my spine rotate radically and use the cam-action of my hips. My eyes are bugged-out and I fly down. My senses are so wired! Who needs cocaine? Try trail running down rocks at full-speed!

I'm actually having to throttle back my training. I'm afraid of getting out of control. Looking at my mileage log, and heading towards the Moab 100, it would be easy to over-train.
There have been numerous stress-points on the left side. None of them are injuries, and I've stayed on top of each. An ankle tendon, my left knee, and I'm sure there are other places that haven't had the courtesy to hurt but are near the breaking point. So I'm kind of in circle-the-wagons mode. I've come far this year and don't want to risk an injury that would jeopardize this busy year of training and racing.


At 10:19 AM, Blogger olga said...

I love those snow pictures! Heck, 4:58 on this course sounds like a dream to me right about now!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Hey, I can't comment on your most recent post, so I'm commenting here. GOOD LUCK this weekend in Moab! Steadily forward, don't stop moving, fast aid stations, good fueling, and you will conquer the 100 (Not like I REALLY know how to do it. ;).



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