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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What it Takes

I've heard it said so many times that being able to run 100's is purely mental.
So sorry, but that's BS!
We are mind, body, and spirit, and in that, we can fail on any an all levels. If it was purely mental, a 400lbs. obese person could saunter out and finish the LT100 witin the 30hr cut-off!
You have to do the training.
You have to get the logistics right, which include clothing, water, electrolytes, and calories. This part is extremely difficult! So many of us get the miles, but getting aid-station transition, the right ratio of water/electrolytes, and sufficient calories takes experience.
I put the mental stuff last. Why? Because I've repeatedly done the impossible! It's almost like I don't believe, but then I also don't have any faith in failure anymore! So what if I don't think I can succeed! I don't believe I can't succeed!
See, I'm agnostic, and agnostic works both ways. I don't believe, and I don't disbelieve. Or rather, if I believe anything - pro or con - it's always with a degree of doubt. There's always room for success or failure.
So maybe some might say, "Yeah, but you have to believe you'll succeed!"
I still argue, no I don't. I just believe in possibilities, probabilities, and logistics.
The mental question isn't, "Do I believe in myself?" It's, "Do you want this bad enough and is it worth it?"
If you want it bad enough, then you'll get the necessary training done and you won't take a DNF lightly. But if you are geting injured, and it'll kill your training schedule and next (or more-important) races, then you have to do the right thing. What do you want the most? This race or some other?
I really want to finish this Moab100 so bad, but I hope I don't destroy myself at this point in an otherwise phenominal training season. Leadville is the prize. If I bugger myself up too badly in Utah, I'll jeopardize the LT100.
Adam F has already blown up at me for being a loon with all the 50M's I'm doing before Leadville, including the Leadville Silver Rush 50 a month before. He thinks I'm trashing my LT100.
We'll see.


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