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Monday, November 19, 2007

Five things

I've been tagged to tell five random facts about myself.

1) In spite of my age, I like to listen to new alternative rock music. My favorite band is currently Cold Play.

2) Years ago, I lived in Wichita, KS. There was a murder at Wichita's roughest biker-bar where one guy beat the other senseless and then placed his head on the curb outside and stomped his neck, killing him. So a few days later, I put on a powder-blue preppy button-down shirt, my fraternity pin, and grabbed my pool cue. I walked into that bar and barked, "Who wants to play pool?" The bikers looked at each other and one guy said he would. We played peacefully. Without mountains and other adventurous natural places, I got my kicks off doing stuff like that.

3) I used to know a goofy-looking guy in high school who sold drugs and helped unload the rich guy's drug-plane. This goofy guy would buy his friends by giving them drugs - mostly pot. I smoked a LOT of pot!, even though I never bought any. Eventually I overdosed twice on downers when I was 17.

4) One of my hobbies used to be finding abandoned nuclear missile silos with one of my brothers. We would bring an inflatable raft because the silos were flooded. We'd slink through the night on private property, enter, and paddle throughout the complexes. Very cool but lots of gross dead things floating in the stagnant waters. Real gold plating on all the wires, huge stanless steel vault doors, big cylindrical rooms suspended from pillars and designed to take direct hits from enemy missiles. Interesting little outings. Again - no mountains so we improvised.

5) I used to be a poet of twisted and depressing prose. Here's a new one, though...

there are nights i feel wild
nights i feel free
moonlight keeps calling
the night i can see
and i run all alone
but for critters that skitter
amongst weeds and the trees
i run

if only to find
something meaningful kind
can i hold something fine
can i see am i blind
tell me what matters
to you can we find
together or never
i run

this rythm is leading
i follow misleading
in silence in screaming
running to, running from
my sin is my hope
and my hope is a sin
i can barely hold on
i run

the summer can ease
what the winter can freeze
but i run on this miserable
pain in my knees
i can't stop this journey
i'm floating through space
this dark void in the night
i run

crunching of snow
under feet with the sound
of my breathing and thoughts
haunting pain and endorphins
feelings behind me
beside me and in me
and holding on
i run

I know - I won't quit my day job.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Meghan said...


Thanks for playing the game!

Any leftover issues from all the pot smoking? All the brain cells still firing? Maybe that's why you're a looney ultrarunner. Heh. :)

Happy Thanksgiving JeffO! Indulge away then run it off!



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