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Monday, October 22, 2007

Next - without Nicholas Cage

I'm registered for the Rim Rock Run on Nov. 10. I'm still in pain from this season, especially the Boulder 100. Both calves are cramping, sore, and tight, in spite of massage. Tomorrow I run at Wash. Park and hopefully that will wash out the crud in my muscles.
Not sure what I'll do at Rim Rock. Seems like I've been throwing so many miles at myself that I never know what to expect on any race days. Every race seems to start with me feeling-out the first mile and deciding what to do. Rim Rock won't be different.
Last year, I had my stress fracture at mile 20 - EXACTLY! Two miles of agony and still a PR. I was really hoping for a 3hr Rim Rock to get my revenge, but I don't think this body can do it. We'll see. 22.5 is such a short distance. My stamina seems to start getting taxed at 25-42 miles, depending on many factors. So maybe I can race all-out and be okay.

I've strayed from my perfect diet. I need to get back to that.
Since quiting Matrix gym, I haven't kept up with my regular core and upper-body workouts. A new gym is opening up at a very convenient location and I plan to check it out. In the mean-time, I've been doing my bosu-ball pushups and some curls.

I have a business trip to Vegas the first week of November. I hate Vegas, but I feel challenged and am determined this time to create my own fun at Vegas this time - in spite of Vegas. I don't have any long runs planned. I would like to do a roller coaster and meet some fun people, but we'll see. One of the challenges is that my Vegas trip is heavily scheduled. And I'll be surrounded by geeks. It's very strange - I am definitely a geek, both in style and mental gifts. But I'm more jock than geek. I don't like sitting for very long with other geeks. They drive me crazy. I have to stifle myself from standing up and yelling, "GET A LIFE!" But of course that would be hypocritical because most of them would say that I'm the one who doesn't have a life. Eating "right"? All that working-out? Just to run fast and far? Back-at-me!

But that's how I am. I like running. It doesn't hurt anyone. Keeps me out of trouble. Cheaper mid-life crisis than a Ferrari.

OMG, my Advanced English teacher would tear me a new posterior-anterior orifice for starting so many sentences with "but". I've tuned into such a but-monkey.


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

I've let all that stuff go this fall while coaching, core and whole-body strength. I can feel it when I try to run hard or long, my hips/butt absorb too many forces since my core is weak. It's a nasty setup for an injury. I am back at it THIS WEEK, though, with 2 days of yoga and 2 days of core. YIPPEE! But I'm already sore!

But anyways... ;)


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