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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cleaning Day

I've been feeling like a slacker, lately. I know I did the Steamboat 50 and Lead King in the same weekend, and Golden Leaf a week later, but that was a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I've gotten away from serious running altogether.

I road my bike on South Table Mountain Sunday a week ago, then ran Tuesday and Thursday (PR'd at Red Rocks), but my mileage has been pathetic.
Had another foot appointment. Things are coming along slowly. Peter has already fixed my right ankle. I guess the end of my shin muscles were just knotted-up. He brutally massaged the painful parts, which made it feel worse before it felt better, but hours later the main pain was gone. Two days later it was as if the chronic problem never existed.

Yesterday, my son and I were going to spend the day with his friends at Elitch Gardens riding roller coasters and getting wild, then at night I was going to go dancing like a fool and hopefully not go home afterwards.
The day panned-out totally differently. My son's friends had discount passes but they bailed on us. The wind was possessed (later that night the wind knocked out the power at the televised Rockies game). I was afraid they would close the best rides because of the wind. The water park was already closed. If I can't get wet and run around doing the slides and stuff (I DON'T act 47 when I'm playing!) then it's not worth it.
I live in half a basement infested with spiders and other bugs. It has always been a self-limiting problem - the spiders eat each other so they keep themselves under control. But for some reason it's been worse lately (maybe they signed a truce?) There were several days I killed three spiders. As busy as I am, I'm always rushing around. When I get in the shower and a spider falls out of the curtain, it's easy to wash the body down the drain, but out on the carpet the body stays until I have time to vacuum. Well I've been VERRRY busy!!! So there were lots of bodies and I was getting disgusted.
Also, all my running, climbing, and hiking gear has ended up in ridiculous piles in my bedroom.
My computer work has led to a huge accumulation of computer "stuff" that has laid around beyond it's worth so that it's now totally obsolete.
I have to pack up for the Boulder 100 coming in 6 days.
I have to start getting organized for my trip to Vegas.
When I get back, I'll have no time to unpack, so that means I need to register for the Rim Rock Run and pack for that so that all I have to do is grab my bag and go.

So what I ended up doing yesterday instead of playing is I worked all day. I vacuumed up dead bugs and cobwebs, I bought shelves to stuff all my hiking and running gear, I threw away tons of old computer stuff, the studded tires for my CR-V are now outside.
So now I can actually use my kitchen again!!! Okay it's still crowded but I have some access.
There's still lots of work to do, but I made a noticeable dent.


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

The spider story is kind of gross. So you kill them, then you just let their bodies fester dead wherever they lie?

Sigh. Bachelor. ;)

The Rim Rock Run sounds fin. Wish it weren't on pavement!

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Oops. FUN.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger JeffO said...


I know, I know. Just because I can spell doesn't mean I do. It takes me a long time to correct all my finger-fudge when I post. I can read finger-fudge real well!

Hopelessly bachelored. What do women find so bad about me? The spiders are DEAD, for pete's sake! I have hot and cold running water! So what if I don't have a real bed! I can rent motels (not that I ever do because the ground is so comfy). And my dates are SOOO exciting! - a hike across a frozen ridge with the wind RAGING like DEMONS! I thought women liked exciting dates?

So, yes, great hunter. I leave my spider gut-piles all over the place (the bears love me). Regular poacher, I am - no hunting license and taking 3 per day.

(Left out the part about my reload press being clamped to the kitchen table. 9mm. Gotta keep the hot-plate away from the primers and powder.)


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