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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toe Surgery

No gory photos.
Last night's toes surgery went okay. The patient is feeling okay and has a band-aid on it.
It was not a run-away infection, but it was slightly infected. The entire toenail was raised with a blister-like fluid filling the void. I think massaging it with peroxide and dabbing Neomycin on it helped, but it wasn't enough to fix it. I used a sterile scalpel to open up the front and empty the fluid. Then I used a sterile syringe to inject peroxide into the void.
I have some Bausch & Lomb neomycin in a water/saline solution for eyes. I injected some of this anti-biotic fluid.
Then I cut much of the nail away. The edges were still attached very securely, so I couldn't just yank the whole nail off, but only the edges are attached. The entire rest of the nail is detached and mostly not even touching the tissue underneath.

After taking a small rasp file and smoothing things out, I rinsed one more time with peroxide, injected more liquid neomycin, and slapped a small bandaid on it. The bandaid is too small to keep it from breathing. Mostly it's to insure my socks don't catch on the nail when sliding over it.

My right ankle feels okay. Not great, but okay. I think I'll allow myself to run at the Golden Leaf, but we'll see. I still have the option of starting out with the runners, and if it feels bad, I'll walk - just like I did at Lead King. I'm not going to let my pride and testoserone destroy my body when I've been doing so well.

This is definitely about time on my feet. Every race is just a supported training run. If everything happens to align for a particular race, that's when I'll do fantastic. No race - no matter how badly my time or even if I DNF - is a waste, unless I destroy myself during the race. So that can't be allowed. Everything I do must be done in a way that makes me stronger. A DNF, or reverting to walking, are just tools in my toolbox that can be used in my training to insure I get faster and stronger.

Last night I went to see Peter Szymanski at Catalyst Therapies. I have some pronation problems that are minor on my left and significant on my right. I guess Peter has seen much worse, so he didn't seem to think it was severe.

My right ankle tilts in. My right arch is flattened out because my forefoot is twisted with the big toe too high.
I have tried to compensate by tilting out. This has made me suseptible to spraining outward.
Peter is having me do some arch exercises to shorten my arch and bring the big toe down into it's proper position.


At 7:42 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Thanks for saving us the gross toe pics. I'm kinda surprised you didn't document the whole damn thing, what with your nasty pic posting history. Hah! Glad the surgery went ok. :)



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