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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Be Still, My Eating Hearts

Today's photo is from the 24Hr Triathlon. I was sitting waiting on Paul G to get done with his swim when I saw her stub the SH!!!!T out of her toe on a rock. Broke two toes. Continued to do her part for her 24Hr relay team for the next 15-17 hours. "Tough" is an understatement.

I haven't been running, so there hasn't been anything to post.
Since Leadville, I've ridden my bike twice, and run once.

My shortcomings are going to become more obvious if I don't shore-up some areas...
Situps - I need tons of them. Since quiting Matrix gym, I haven't been consistent. I had some great 6-pack going on. Time is wearing it down slowly because trail running helps slow the decay, but I need to get back to this basic.
Pushups - I used to do killer pushups. My toes on the biggest Bosu-ball for instability while dipping down with my face alternating between left and right. 4 sets of 10 had me about to puke, with the other exercises I did. This helped beef up my shoulders for those eventual nasty falls on the trail where the strength of my shoulders controls and absorbs the crunch. So far I've fallen several times and rolled through them with virtually no abrasion to show for it. Total wipe-outs that somehow ended gracefully. I can't count on that if my shoulders weaken.

I need to buy a Bosu-ball and a situp bench.

My knees are tweaked from Leadville. I have a 50M race in little more than a week. My knees will have to be wrapped pro-actively. The very next day is a 15.5M race miles away. This scheduled weekend won't allow much sleeping or resting. A great "double" for 100M training.

Did I ever say I was just going to run Leadville and get it over with? If I had finished, maybe I would have. Now I feel totally sucked-in, though. I'm obsessed with ultras.

However, I plan to DNF with more ease in the future. I want to stack as many 50+M events into my schedule as I can stand to drive to. I don't intend to fly to any race. I hate paying massive amounts for a flight that may not ever take off and you have to go through security treated like a criminal. I'll drive - thanks. If I can't drive there, it's too far away. I live in Colorado, close to Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and I don't see why I should have to fly. I'm dead-center in paradise (eat your hearts out folks).


At 6:42 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Dude, that foot is nasty. At first I thought you were going to say it was some Leadville aftermath crap.

Good luck with that doubler weekend. That's gonna be tough. I can't imagine running 15.5 miles after Saturday. Then again, you've run many more miles than me this summer.

Knees, I command you: Be Good!

At 8:56 AM, Blogger skoshi said...

Hey there,
I found your blog via Pirate (she's a tri mate of mine), and liked your commments, so checked it out. Great combination of philosophy, and getting out and making it happen.
I can't say that my "near death" made me kick up my life a notch, because it was so remarkably peaceful and surreal, but I can say I had no regrets. Looks like you kickup quite a bit.
Knees: do not take care of themselves, and certainly don't like to be good. If they're getting achey, do something now. New shoes, orthotics, specific exercises. Wear and tear is hard to reverse, but can be done (kind of like using sunscreen, or quitting the smoking habit). Standing on your bosu ball (when you get it) balancing, challenging your joints with stability exercises, etc (Some of what I do is unhappy people with painful knees.) Nice fun blog. Thanks


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