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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting There

Tuesday, I road my bike 5 miles and walked 1 mile. My ankle hurt quite a bit the rest of the evening. I have to keep it wrapped to keep it from swelling back up again. If my heart is above my ankle, it just ballooned-out.

So it was odd when I woke up this morning and it seemed remarkably better. Certainly not healed, but it feels like I can suddenly run again. I don't want to do that yet, but it feels like I can.

This weekend I get to crew for Paul. The shoe is on the other foot. He's doing a much better job of communicating what he needs us to do than I did for my crew at Leadville, and I'm taking notes.

Paul is doing the 24Hr of Triathlon at Cherry Creek Resevoir. He's done the Hawaiin Ironman several times, but this is his first 24hr tri. Unlike Leadville, there's no driving around to do. That makes it infinitely easier.

More plagiarism from my friend John Wright's blog (please don't bill me, John)... two clips of Anton Krupicka at Leadville...

Anton 2006
Anton wins LT100 2007

Plus more goodies from Al...
Al - Running in the night
Al - Sugarloaf 2007
Al - Hopeless Aid Station 2007
Al - Hope Pass 2007
Al - Winfield 50-miles 2007 - DNF

This will make you laugh...

Chris!!! Dude!!! You ARE the man!!
Chris Labbe 25Hr Buckle


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