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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Javelina or Boulder100?

My Excel running log graph looks pathetic. I'm not back into my groove.
I ran 8.8 miles on the Apex trails near Golden on Thursday. That was a very good run. I made it hurt and kept it hurting. I took the jagged, relentless uphill towards the north. Then back around to the main trail, Enchanted Forest, then the spur that heads up to Lookout Mtn Rd, then back down through the middle. I don't ever remember going so strong in the past on the uphills. Because of my knees not being 100%, and I forgot to wrap them, I had to go pretty slow on the downhills. My IT-Band feels okay, but all the ligaments need this next week to firm-up.
I ran about 5.4 miles today, Saturday.

One week to the Steamboat Springs first annual Run Rabbit Run 50M. That'll be my first race since Leadville.
The next day, down near Marble, we have the Lead King Loop 25K.
Because of obligations Friday evening, I will get about 3-4 hours of sleep before the 50M race. A good training weekend for 100-mile events. I will not be completely recovered from Leadville, but mostly. I'll be racing sleepy and tired. Expect lousy times, maybe even some hiking.

I've had plenty of training at 50M or less. If I'm ever going to force this body into the kind of conditioning it needs to be in to finish Leadville and Hard Rock, I need training beyond 60M, at altitude, with plenty of climbing.
My friend Paul G said he has a history of problems at about 85 miles. That would seem to make sense if you look at any ultra-runner's training. We practically never reach 85 miles except when actually doing 100M races. We're usually good for about 15M beyond what we're used to. So if we run plenty of short stuff, 100K or less, or "doubles" adding up to that much, then we'll start having severe issues after 80M.

I need "double" training weekends that occasionally take me to 80-85M.

I told Amber D that I would run her 50K Oct. 14. This is looking to be increasingly ridiculous. I need a 100M event, and Boulder is next-door. It's ridiculous that I'm trying to cram in a 700-800 mile trip to AZ to do Javelina just because I told Amber three times that I'd do her 50K. Maybe she would understand? Communication is a good thing. I need to just write her and stop this guessing. If it puts her in a bind because of permits, etc. she already bought, then I'll still run her 50K. If it's no big deal, then screw Javelina - I'll do Boulder.


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