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Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy Schedule

No gross photos for you today - sorry.

Starting in a couple of days...

Th evening, Sept 13 - party
Fri evening, Sept 14 - party
Sat morning, Sept 15 - 50-mile run, 156 miles from Denver, maybe a few hours of sleep before this
Sun morning, Sept 16 - 15.5 miles, 155 miles from Steamboat
Mon, Sept 17 - probably collapse into a pile of #!@$.
Tues, Sept 18 - massage
Wed, Sept 19 - foot and stride analysis #1 (There will be about four more clinics scheduled in the week(s) after this.)

Sat, Sept 22 - Half-marathon, Aspen

Then two whole weekends to potentially rest (but somehow these end up getting things scheduled into them!)

Fri, Oct. 12 - packet pickup and stay at brother's house in Lafayette
Sat, Oct. 13-14 - Boulder 100

More unscheduled weekends.

Nov 5-8 - Convention in LasVegas
Sat, Nov 10 - Rim Rock Run $50


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Have fun, especially with those 2 nights of partying. Save a little for the race courses!


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