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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dynamic Limits

I bought a mirror-mirror-on-the-wall bathroom scale. It flatters me and tries to get on my good side. It tells me I'm 23-25 years old. This morning it claimed I was only 162lbs. My percent of body fat varies from 14-15%. My BMI is 22.8.
I haven't been running very much since the LT100, so I haven't had my usual appetite. Still, I've eaten some crap - haven't stuck to my healthiest diet but haven't exactly been horrible like I used to be. I guess I ate like a disgusting pig Thursday after the run, but haven't eaten much since then.

Imagine yourself blind... You approach a wall and then you touch it. Is that all you do? Is that enough? Or do your hands start exploring, look for deviations and edges? What do you remember - the flat, boring areas, or the deviations (textures, protrusions, etc.)? There are those who won't be satisfied until they've found the boundaries of that wall - all of them. Edges that are hardest to find are the most memorable.

Some of us are like this. We have to explore. People are more exciting to explore because some limits are imagined, some are very difficult to find, and when we do find them, well, the boundary is dynamic. We can push ourselves further.
In ways, we're all like the wall, and also like the blind person.
We're like the wall because it's not the flat, boring things about us people remember. Our unique gifts, talents, and flaws are remembered, and we're often defined by our contributions and limits.
We're like the blind person because we don't always see things initially. It takes much exploration. Some people lack curiosity and others are insatiable.

I guess the reason my DNF at Leadville still excites and thrills me is that I've been seeking out this boundary for years. I finally found my limit.
Like a sailor looking for the edge of the world. He falls off, but before that he has the exhilaration of knowing he found it!
But my limit is dynamic. Now that I've found it, I know myself better. I know what I have to work with. This limit can move.

Ten days to the Boulder100.


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

What I wanted to say about 4 sentences from the end of your blog entry, but then you said it anyways: Those were just your boundaries on that particular day, and they are changing all the time.


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