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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Night Before Boulder

I've had some minor problems sleeping this past week, but not as bad as before Leadville. I've been using half-doses of Sominex. I ran out so Thursday was without, which was the most important night of sleep before the Boulder 100. I didn't have much trouble falling asleep, but I know I would've slept better if I'd had Sominex.

Staying at my brother's place tonight. That's the plan, anyways.

It's nice to start the race at 9am instead of 4am like they did at Leadville. That was SO DUMB! 9am is civilized. We don't have to run in the dark twice. I can sleep in. When I have to get up extra early I don't sleep because I stress-out through the night that I'll sleep through the alarm. So I end up not sleeping at all. This way I can get a full night of sleep before the race (here's hopin').

I've packed on 5 lbs. since Golden Leaf. I feel like a fat slob. Guess it doesn't matter now. My weight will go crazy through the weekend and next week.

Forecast is nasty. 60% chance of windy, cold lightening and rain. I hope the RD doesn't wig-out and cancel. This course is easy and allows anyone to quit whenever they want. There's nothing remote about this course.

Good thing I'm amphibious.


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