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Friday, October 26, 2007

Photos from the Boulder100

The photographer seems to have given me more than my fair share of photos. Maybe that's because I was colored like a bumble-bee? Not sure which one to purchase.

Seems like any time I see someone starting a race with both knees wrapped, I question the logic of them running at all. And there I was, wrapped and running - until reality kicked-in. It was worth it. I had a blast and I stopped in the nick of time before my knees totally fell apart.

Ran fast on Tuesday, and slow last night.
The flesh on the back of my ribcage hurts like hell. It's weird. It really hurts bad at the start. I have to walk until the pain subsides, then trot. Finally I can run. But last night my feet were hurting so I ended up shuffling on the rougher trails of Green Mountain. Once I got to the road, I finished better.
I'm a bit discouraged at my recovery. This body isn't recovering worth a damn, in spite of eating well, tons of massage, vitamins, and lots of hydration.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

I'm looking at the first few pictures, and I'm thinking, where's the bumble bee? Then I see you apparently reveal the bumble bee later in the race. The starting line pics are pretty funny. How come there's a chick with you in like every photo? I sense a theme... :)

Have a nice day!

PS. Got your email but I'm ignoring that part of my life for a few days so I can deal with the rest of life. 'Kay? :)

At 8:52 AM, Blogger JeffO said...

Actually, the one after the start with the young woman next to me was a fluke shot. It only looks like we're together.
The first one is with Alene N, who I met at the Estes Park Marathon. She's a friend of Anita F, who introduced us. Alene is very cool and is a race director herself. One of the things that helps is Alene is almost my age. Seems like 99% of the women I meet are in their 20's.
In another photo you can see Jamie D unfocus'd in the background. What kind of knucklehead runs AHEAD of Jamie D??? And with two wrapped knees?
SkiPix takes fantastic photos, but they want $32 for each. That's about twice what I'm willing to pay. C'est domage.


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