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Friday, November 02, 2007

Easy runs and busy-busy

Things have been slow. I'm "resting". For me, resting has consisted of running around Wash Park starting slowly and building carefully to full-speed, with no sprinting. Also, on trails, I take extra care not to get bold on the jagged stuff. Sometimes I walk the most technical stuff to keep from straining my left knee, which isn't showing signs of improving. Next week is my conference in Vegas, with probably no running. If my left knee doesn't improve, I may be forced to do nothing more than ride my bike. It's looking like that's the way things are panning-out, but we'll see.
Tuesday I ran 5.2, Wednesday I went to the doctor where he poked needles deep into my thigh muscles to try to get rid of some persistent knots (that didn't work), Thursday we ran up and down Lookout Mountain.
Today I'm meeting friends for beer. I plan to get a good workout with 16 or 20 oz. curls.

The weather has been cool but glorious. The sky has been clear and the leaves are falling in baskets-full. I'm not a Fall person, but this Fall has been nice. I wish I had time for some hikes, but I have no time. It's just work-work-work. So manny things put off during race season that must get done.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Hopefully by now you've got a good beer workout going on. :)

Sorry to hear about the knee. What specifically is the deal? If you've god persistent tightness in the thighs or elsewhere in the upper or lower legs, that might be pulling on knee connective tissues.

After the Grand Teton 50, the back of my left knee was painfully tight. I could feel something pulling at it if I didn't run with a short stride. This came in conjunction with some tightness/stiffness in my outer adductors and inner hamstrings on my left leg. I worked the kinks out of the hammies, and the knee thing disappeared.

Have a great weekend! I'm working all weekend, so go have fun for me!



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