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Friday, June 01, 2007

Still hope for Steamboat Marathon

I email the Steamboat Chamber and they say they're still taking late registrations.
So why did they close Active.com?
There's still a chance I can run the marathon. Wish I had gotten my registration done for real (earlier).

DTR ran at North Table Mtn last night. It was cloudy and cool. Very perfect running weather.
Many of the Tuesday Wash Park gang were there. That was a nice change.
I went 8.9 miles.
When I plugged that into my Excel spreadsheet log, it told me I ran 200.1 miles for the month of May. I wasn't paying attention. Wow, so close. I would've been peeved if I'd squeeked under 200. 200 isn't even that much, if you run a steady 50 miles a week all month. With my seesawing training schedule, though, it's hard for me to compile that much.

I've only done 15.1 miles this week, but this is my 2nd of two off-weeks following my 101.7 mile week. And if I get my marathon on Sunday, it'll give me 41.3. That will turn my 2nd off-week into an on-week.

I've always been so lucky. Last night, I had a really bad premonition that something horrible was going to happen this weekend. I plan to drive and do everything extra-careful. Hopefully my usual luck will get me into the marathon and home safely.


At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Meghan said...

JeffO that's spooky! Be safe and have a lot of fun! I'm happy that you're going to be able to run Steamboat!



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