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Monday, March 30, 2009

24th MdS Update

The competitor list has been updated for the 24th Marathon de Sables. There are over 800 people!!

I don't know the whole skinny on how Meghan got involved with this, but I kind of figured that Meghan met Lisa Smith-Batchen and hubby Jay Batchen during or before the Grand Teton Races a couple of years ago. Then, nearly a year ago, Meghan announced she had been accepted into the 24th MdS.
Lisa and Jay run Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventure Club, which specializes in helping individuals and groups with several international sporting endeavors.
I don't know Lisa and Jay. I corresponded a few times trying to get into the 2008 GTR and found them to be extremely friendly people.

I hope the links I give come through okay for everyone. If it comes through in French, and you don't speak French, you should be able to turn to English by clicking a little icon near the top-right corner (if present), that looks half USA flag and half British flag.

The following links (hopefully) will take you to the "Live" links for Meghan and friends. I'm not sure if they are all on the Dreamchasers team, or if Meghan is solo. Bryon's link says his team is Dreamchasers, but none of the others, so I'm a little confused if they're all teamed, or what. The 24th MdS site is still being edited, though, so things keep changing.

24th MdS Live for Lisa Smith-Batchen

24th MdS Live for Gerald Batchen

24th MdS Live for Bryon Powell

24th MdS Live for Meghan Hicks

A couple of days until the race starts.


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

hey! thx for posting this so i can track meghan! she's totally holding her own!


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