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Friday, February 27, 2009

Moon & Venus

It's really cool with a clear sky over Denver and the Rockies, with the Moon and Venus right next to each other.

Too bad I have such a crappy camera. This was taken with my best digital camera.

I want a really nice expensive camera with interchangable lenses, but I'm picky. I think proprietary batteris are retarded. So I want a camera that takes AA's. It's also retarded to have a prorietary cord/plug when USB works fine. Why reinvent the wheel? To trap you into using all their stuff! To reduce your choices and lock you into their brand. No thanks. Strong-arm tactics steer me elsewhere.

It's been nice getting to see the Moon and Venus so close for so long. I don't ever remember a period in my life so long with such a consistent show.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger jgirl said...

jeff this is an amazing picture. i remember this night...my daughter and i were perched on the balcony, just enjoying the view. i am glad that you were able to capture it! ~j


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