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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Livin' the (Hard) Dream

I have been Living the Dream, these past few years.
Sometimes, though, I wish I'd choose lazier dreams.

I still have a painful scab on my ankle from wear during the Turquoise Lake race. My legs are covered with tiny scabs from all the micro-cuts from running through all the sotol at Bandera. My feet hurt - and they shouldn't hurt at all, after a cushy winter break. I have a big mystery scab on my right thigh. Who knows when or how that came about.
I know I'm not alone. Lots of little tweaks build up when you're over-active. It much more inherent in trail running and mountain climbing.
I'm lucky all my limbs work so well. The more things hurt, the luckier I feel, and the more I appreciate every day. At Bandera, one of the guys at an aid station asked me how I felt. I answered, "I feel like shit! But I'm one of those people whose not happy unless I'm miserable." So the woman said, "Then you must be ecstatic by now." I answered, "Gettin' there, but not yet."


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

ha! this is so true. i guess instead of freaking out every time something goes weird i should remember it comes with the territory!!!

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Sunshine Girl said...

Amen, Reverend Jeff-o.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger jgirl said...

Jeff, this is right on! Hard is defined differently for everyone, but 'roughed up' is still part of the picture, mentally and physically. Nice thing is...it's YOUR dream :-) ~j


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