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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chillin' in Leadville

I returned my son to Denver and have ventured out again to Leadville, alone, to recharge.

I'm letting myself be very, very lazy. I'm sleeping as much as I can stand. The days don't last. I must be sleeping them away because they seem like quarter-days, they are over so fast. But I do feel rested.
It is C-C-C-COLD! And sleeping on the cheap in my CR-V and in the snow allows me to feel the full brunt of it.

But life is yin and yang, right?

When I think of everything life has to offer, I HATE work! Did I mince words? (Sorry.) But when I think how we all have to have a job, and I'm not just lucky to have "a" job, but I'm specifically lucky to have the job I have, in the company I'm in, with the people I'm with. Double that, considering how many people are losing their jobs these days. And I have skills beyond most in my profession that allow me to have a job in virtually any city or town in the world. Okay, not just luck - I worked exceptionally hard to gain my skills. But no matter who you are, there's always luck in life.

If I had to live in the snow every day - ouch - that would be harder. But since life is mostly city, I can appreciate Mother Nature. The harshness has beauty. The shapes in the snow and ice that nature sculpts can't be adequately imitated. And the beauty in nature isn't just visual - you can only experience the full beauty if you're in it over a span of time, alone, undistracted. There is no song on an iPod that can compete with the sounds of nature, especially the wind in the winter at night near or above treeline. This is Primal Beauty. This is the Voice of Nature. This is the voice of my Best Friend talking straight into my Soul without using words. It's the Yin to technology's Yang, and I listen as much as I can.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Justin Mock said...

If you're on vacation, I hope you're moving around and not just spending every single day in Leadville. Head on down the road for some more exploring.


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