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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ready To Go

I'm as ready as I can be.
Paul G is volunteering. The only outside aid is he MIGHT pace me. Wherever he might pace me from is completely up in the air, if at all.

I'm focused. This is the one race a year I care about. Every other race I do, while I intend to have a great time in them, they are all just training for the LT100.

It's great to meet all my friends from last year, and other races. There are too many to mention.

As forecast, the weather is nasty. It keeps hailing, sleeting, raining, lightening, and occasionally blowing, but the wind is not supposed to be much of a factor tomorrow.
The cold will cause me to carry about 1-2 pounds more of extra weight at any given time. That is the downside. An extra pound or two for 100 miles takes a toll.
I'm certainly way stronger, faster and more experienced than last year. Who knows how it will unfold? It's the adventure!
Last year, I'd lost so much sleep in the weeks ahead. This year, I've usually managed 6:30-7 hours of sleep, sometimes 8, a couple of times 9! So even though not perfect, I'm better off than last year.
I weighed-in at 170lbs, but that was with jeans and my polo shirt from work yesterday (slept in it and wore it half the day). I think I weigh only two pounds more than last year. This could be for a good reason. Last year I was trying a tiny bit too hard to lose weight so I wouldn't carry as much on the course. Well, too little too late! So I think I'm better fueled this year.

But none of this will matter if I don't GET myself to the FINISH LINE! Talk is always cheap.
So I'll shut up.


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