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Monday, August 04, 2008

Crown Point B-17 Crash

One of my brothers joined me in a hike to another B-17 crash site. This one is not very far from the first one near Pingree.
We had to drive through Ft. Collins, and then through Poudre Canyon.
The weather was unbearably hot, even at 8000 feet.
Our journey began with a grueling mountain bike ride in 88-degree weather struggling to pedal our bikes up steep, rocky roads. When we got to the end of the road, there were trailhead signs forbidding bikes. That was not planned. We didn't think we'd be without bikes, so we had no locks. Instead, we hid our bikes off the trail.
I had brought my ultra-light New Balance 790's. They were very comfortable, for a shoe without a rock-plate.
My brother went in his bike shoes - and it was a sore hike for him.
The hike was 4.9 miles one-way, with some hard climbs and descents, but mostly rolling uphill. The weather rumbled in and gave us some blessed relief from the heat, but the thunder kept us wondering about safety. Still, for me, it was a very nice, easy recovery hike.

The amazing thing was that 6 of the 10 crew survived this crash.

I had a fine collection of B-17 photos on my iPhone, so it helped to identify some of the wreckage.

Since the tailgunner position was intact, I would guess, if anyone was seated there, they would have survived.

You can still see the Air Force insignia on parts of two different wing remnants.


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