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Friday, May 30, 2008

Time Trial PR

Red Rocks from the base of Mt. Falcon

Mt. Falcon

Wednesday, we did time-trials. This is a 2.67M switchbacked course up Mt. Falcon. This course shows how bad I am at climbing. I pushed so hard I was drooling and spitting like a horse about to die. At least I managed to shave 47 seconds off my record. So I'm still getting faster as I get older.

On Tuesday, I started using albuterol. This has a noticable benefit for my lungs, but I'm obviously still sucking for air. There's no way around that. But at least I'm out of breath because I pushed hard, not because I'm suffocating.
The surprise is that the biggest difference is that my gushing sinuses quit! So the sinuses were directly related to my exercise-induced asthma, or albuterol fixes vaso-motor problems. I still have to occasionally blow, but not much at all.
I'm not sure how often to use albuterol during ultras. I'll figure out something.
Also, I really can't tell yet if this will help with my lungs filling with foaming fluids.

Steamboat Springs Marathon is Sunday. I'm going to attempt to shave a whopping 12 minutes off my marathon PR to qualify for Boston. Probably a stupid dream, but I'm a stupid guy! I can try, right?!

DTR had a great run on South Table Mtn last night. Afterwards was a great party! I love my peeps! Life is good!


At 7:40 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Are you telling me that your issues are starting to become solved? Yeah for you! I'm thrilled to hear this!

The red rocks are gorgeous. Reminds me of Arizona.



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