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Friday, February 01, 2008

Good Luck to the Rocky Racoon

It's strange how, in the winter, the weather in Denver is usually the opposite of the weather in the mountains. Wednesday, the it snowed like HELL near home. Thursday, running in the mountains, it hadn't snowed in a week.

I'm bummed because all my freinds are running Rocky Racoon and I'm stuck in Denver.
I'm just not rich enough to run every race I'd like. I'm wasting so much money now that by the time you add up registration fees, gasoline, increased costs of eating from not having time to prepare food at home because I'm always running or travelling, the cost of running gear, and occasional motels (rare), I'm still managing to spend a couple thousand dollars a year, I'm sure. The line has to be drawn somewhere.
(sigh) Woe is me.
Hey, let's have a pity party! Party! Party! Who's "N"?
64 people got blown up in Iraq today. I think I'll count my blessings that I can't run Rocky, safe-and-sound as I am (hopefully).

But you know - FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out - I'm an ultra runner and I want to run with my friends. And double-bummed that I'm still #42 on the SJS50 list. Looks like I'll be at an aid station. I know aid stations can be such a totally awesome time - as fun as running and best seat in the house - but I wanted to run it.

I should climb a mountain to console, but I have two parties to attend this weekend. I guess again, I should be thankful for having two parties to attend.

Good luck to all my friends at Rocky. Everything we do is just training for the next thing. So here's hoping the best for this run!


At 9:28 AM, Blogger olga said...

I have FOMO...LOL! And I was trying to calculate the costs just last night, as I am #140 on the HR wait list! I have to go and pace, but it means flying and taking precious vacation days to acclimate - and NOT RACE IT!! I Thought about jumping into Tahoe, but not only it'd kill me financially, my boss would fire me (what could be a good step so I can finally move on to something I enjoy doing...thought scary). Heck, I couldn't even drive up 6 hrs to run a local 50k, gas and been a new single mom it is!
OK, whining is over. I am not in Iraq, and I do have a roof and food, and all the stuff that millions of people don't. Perspective is a great thing.
Bundle up.


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