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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold and Windy

Wednesday, I ran 8.2 miles at Wash Park in 11 degrees and slight breeze. I felt energetic and eager, and my mind wanted the rythmic solitude. Indeed, there were only four other souls dumb enough to head out.
One of them was George Z from work. I'm his tech-support guy. He's slow but has been faithfully jogging for years. He only goes 1-2.5 miles, but he does it 1-6 time a week. That's about 1-6 times a week more than 95% of the US population. It shows - he's 15 years older than he looks.
My body, eager as it was, was bitching to me about the cold. My arms were freezing! I must be getting old. I was so cold my mind kept trying to talk me into only doing one lap instead of two. But the other half of my brain kept saying, "But you're already out here! You're already dressed-up! What's another lap? What will you think tomorrow if you only do one lap? (Besides - Meghan just posted about running in the frigid weather!) Suck-it-up!"

Thursday night, the usual 5:30pm leader was at the Rocky Mtn Road Runners annual banquet, so I took over. Nearly everyone was at that banquet.
The Denver Trail Runners ran at Green Mtn - and it was WINDY! Only one other person showed up - Caroline. We froze our faces off. The wind chill was really bad. Seems like I've frozen my cheeks so many times in the past couple of weeks the skin is going to start coming off.
I guess I still love it or I wouldn't do it, right? I think I must be crazy like eveyone says.


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