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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lincoln Lake Trail

Thursday night, I ran 10k up and down Lookout Mountain. It was hard work with drifted snow on the trail at the upper end. I tripped on buried rocks and tree stumps a couple of times.

Friday, with a vacation day, I went snowshoeing with an ultra-running acquaintance. She had done this trail solo on Sunday, so it was a known, safe outing. Todd couldn't make it.
I'm not sure what the temp was when we started. All I can say is that it got colder, not warmer, as the sun climbed higher. At least we had clear skies, for a change, but the winds were pretty high. The trail we were on was mostly on the down-wind, protected side of Mount Evans, just below treeline.
I wore my Montrail Gore-tex shoes, but somehow my feet got SOAKED! Multiple layers of poly' sox saved me, but my feet got colder, not warmer.
Carol is fast and has stamina I could only dream of. I'm sure she was holding back for me but I don't know how much. Either way, it was a good workout for each of us. We each wore our racing snowshoes and traded off on breaking trail.
It took us about 3.5hrs to do the out-n-back (5-6 miles).
By the time we got back, Carol's fingers and my toes were numb. Carol's thermometer said it was 2 degrees.

Next weekend, I might do the 20 mile Turquoise Lake snowshoe race. It would be my first snowshoe race. I've used my race snowshoes exactly three times. I had planned to start with a 5k just to see if I would like snowshoe racing, and then build to longer distances, but Fridays outing counts for an adequate shake-down trial. Cheap registration and late 10:30 start time is very attractive.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

I have perused the Turquoise Lake snowshoe race website before and it looks amazing. I hope you decide to do it!


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