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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Running Career Summary

Thirty years ago, I was more than a casual runner, but less than serious. I ran that way for about three years, then I stopped running when I was about 22 years old. That's when I shattered my right fibula and had surgery to sew all the ligaments together and two screws to hold the shards of bone together.
I probably managed a total of 20-50M/yr (mostly hiking) from 1980-1992.

Fifteen years ago, I moved to Denver. I hiked or climbed "fourteeners" every month, camped at altitude, and generally stayed active. My wild guess is 40-60M/yr.
10 years ago, I demanded that I average at least 1M/day combined biking, running, and hiking.
4 years ago, I demanded 1M/day hiking/running combined, plus biking on top of that.

So I logged 365 miles on foot in
2004. The furthest I'd ever run in my life was 11 miles.
However, I had done hikes that were 15 miles long, including the 14.9 mile climb of Grays & Torreys peaks from the lower I-70 parking lot. This became one of my two favorite time-trial courses. The other one was the 7-mile Red Rocks loop.

The end of April
2005, I joined the Denver Trail Runners, mostly to socialize and control my weight. Then I joined the Rockie Mountain Road Runners. I was running harder than I ever had, even 30 years ago.
In June I ran an 8-mile trail race.
In July I ran a 9-mile trail race.
In August 2005, I paced in the LT100, racking up 41 miles in one day (2 runs). That's when I decided to get serious.
I ran a 10-mile trail race in September, then followed with my first ultra in October. That was dumb because I have a history of doing too much too soon and ending up with injuries that end my physical endevours for years. Still, I came out okay and attempted a 2nd 50K but shortcutted after my ankle started swelling (unofficial race, so not an official DNF).
In November, I ran the Rim Rock Run at 22.5 miles.
My left knee was wrecked that first winter and took months to heal. So I lost training during the winter of 2005/2006.
I ran between 600-700 miles in 2005 (didn't keep a log). I set a new distance record at 31 miles, skipping the 1/2-marathon and marathon distances.

2006, I probably ran close to 2450M, never surpassing 31 miles. I was amazed at how quickly I had jumped my mileage from 1M/day to running marathons and 50Ks. By the end of 2006, marathon distances didn't concern me at all. It was even odd to hear some people talk about 26.2 as if it were an incredible goal to reach, but that's how I had always thought of marathons previously.
Unfortunately, I had a stress fracture at the end of 2006 at Rim Rock.

2007, I lost mileage in Jan/Feb due to injury, and more miles due to being wrecked after the LT100 and after the Boulder 100.
I tried to ramp-up to the LT100 in approximately 2 years from being a casual runner and passionate hiker/climber. That was a bit much to expect, but I figured I could pull off the impossible.

So this has been a fantastic journey of improvement.
In 2007, I ran my first two 50-milers.
I set a new distance record for myself of 84.1 miles.
My heart was set on finishing the LT100, and I had even dreamed that I might be able to do it in under 25 hours, but a finish at least. Even though I didn't succeed, looking at the way my running career has progressed, in the wake of
Guillain-Barre in 1998 (?1999?), I think I need to be satisfied, so far.

Along the way, I've gained more friends than I've ever had in my life. Not just ordinary friends, but very exceptional characters. These people have shown me how I ought to behave, how I ought to approach life, how I ought percieve and react. I've come a long way as a runner and a person, even though I've got a long ways to go yet.
There are no destinations in life - only waypoints. Like an ultra, sometimes you have to live life from aid-station to aid-station, from this tree to that rock over there, and hope to finish still on your feet.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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