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Friday, November 30, 2007

Captain Underpants!

Yesterday, I had a massage for lunch. Lucy told me my skin was dry so that means I needed to drink more water. Well it seemed I was drinking fine, but apparently not. She can tell these things.
I started coming down with a cold. It is possible, if you eat right, rest right, and stay thoroughly hydrated, for your immune system to fight of pretty darn close to 100% of what it comes in contact with. You only get sick when there's something particularly nasty (like Ebola!) or you damage your immune system (dehydration, exhaustion, poisoning - like when you get drunk).
I drank more water but I started feeling sick anyways.

The Denver Trail Runners run every Thursday night. I wasn't going to miss that. Even coming down with a cold, the rules I've read are that if you have the energy and your airways are clear - go for it.
Somehow I neglected to stock any shorts or pants in my bag. The temps were below freezing, there was snow everywhere. So a new entry for "You know you're an ultra-runner when..."
You have no running shorts or pants, and it's freezing outside, and you run in your underwear!
To be most accurate, I ran in two pairs of tech underwear, my REI skivies and my Exofficio underwear which are longer than tightie-whities, but shorter than bike pants.

I don't think Becca cared.
Speaking of which, Becca and I re-discovered each other. A couple of weeks after the LT100, I was running on the same Apex trails when I met her going up while I was going down the switchbacks. We actually stopped and talked for several minutes. So last night, she asked me what races I had done, and when I mentioned Leadville, she said we'd met and that my leg was still swollen back then. Oh, yeah! Hard to recognize anyone in the frozen dark with headlamps. Very cool!
To us anyways.

When carpooling, and trying to hook up with people in various faraway places, it has been hard to manage both my email and my phone. AT&T/Cingular has scuttled their analog towers per federal law. That sucks because analog curves around objects and has a much further range than digital. So reception in the mountains has degraded remarkably.
I have been using a Cingular 8125 PDA-phone with WiFi, cellular data, and all the regular phone stuff. This device syncs with Outlook Exchange email, calendar, contacts, notes, and also sync files, like my running mileage log and race schedule. it has a mini version of the Office suite so I can open and edit my Excel and Word documents.
I now have an iPhone. I'm not sure why it is touted as the "perfect phone". For sure, on a scale of 0-10, it probably earns a solid "12" on the Cool-Factor, but this phone lacks so much that it doesn't deserve to be called "perfect".
It has a larger screen than my old 8125, and my 8125 was more than twice as fat, which hurt to sit on. The iPhone is so slim I can't tell it's in my pocket and I have to keep checking because I can't tell it's there.
The iPhone will sync my Outlook calendar and contacts, but it won't sync with Exchange email nor will it pull in my very-handy ton of notes. I'm a note-monger. I shop and I'm a techno-geek. I'm always writing down tiny bits of data. so this is a BIG minus. Outlook email from work - for some reason I don't care.
As far as files go, I've cheated. When docked, Windows Explorer allows you to browse to the photos folder on the iPhone. This is where I dump my files. Unfortunately, this is only good for transporting between computers. I have no access to these files from the iPhone interface.
As far as surfing the web, it's nicer. if for no other reason, it's easier because the screen is bigger.
Both sync my music, but I prefer the iTunes music sync by far.
One feature the iPhone has that my 8125 didn't...
The iPhone can monitor several POP or IMAPI email accounts and will vibrate and chime whenever you get a new email. Instant notification. So my butt is always vibrating - which is quite a thrill for a weirdo like me.
Bottom line: I liked my old phone and I like my new one, but neither is "perfect".

After dinner at Woodies Pizza, I was feeling very tired. At home, I collapsed until the worst of the cold woke me up at 12:40am. But I woke up this morning feeling human again.


At 3:56 AM, Blogger Meghan said...

This post has so many parts to it.

Hello Captain Underpants! Did you take photos?

How's it going JeffO?

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

Sooo glad I didn't notice your underpants!!! Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya! I don't know if I coulda been able to eat afterwards, although now the idea is planted in my brain for me to wonder from here on out... uggh... :)

Dang ultra runners!


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