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Monday, November 26, 2007

First Full Moon Run of the Year

The Denver Trail Runners' first Full Moon run of the season was Saturday night. It's always best with total snow coverage, and there was only about 50% coverage but the weather was nearly perfect! Almost no wind and crystal clear sky. Overall, it was an even better run than I'd hoped.

We also had several new people. I'm struggling to remember all their names. I used to be so bad about names and numbers, but I've improved to the point of being average.
Lisa & Karla
and, and, and, uh, Mike's nephew - yes, that's his name.

South Table Mountain has almost no trees, so there's unobstructed views in all directions.
We ran nearly the entire thing without any lighting.
It was so bright I might have gotten a moon-burn. I'll have to remember my moon-tan lotion with MPF30.

I always get my sun & moon data from here: Sun & Moon data for one day
I don't like all the fancy imports, plugins, and add-ons of other sun&moon data or RSS-feeds like Sidebars and such. I'm an old-fashioned geeky kind of guy.

Next Full Moon Run will probably be Christmas Eve.


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