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Monday, December 03, 2007

Sleeping Bootie

The only unusual thing I did this weekend was sleep. Why is that unusual? Because I did a LOT Of IT!!! I feel so much better.

This seems terrible to me. They're figuring out how to put our exercise endorphins into a pill to give to depressed people. I know depression can be serious, but the world's lack of exercise is more serious. Here's a novel idea: Exercise! Two birds with one stone.
Okay, give it to someone who's genuinely paralyzed and can't exercise, but the vast majority choose to be sedentary, so to me they choose their fate. Giving them pills will give them even less incentive to exercise. Exercise causes poisons to wash out of muscles, and especially skin, it makes you stronger, it sends signals to the brain that structural maintenance needs to be done, it stimulates the organs and bowels to make you "regular", it makes your heart and lungs healthier (unless you've got a congenital defect), and not least of all is the release of certain natural chemicals that maintain your psycho-emotional well-being.
I once knew a guy that was so sedentary he ended up with gangrene in his legs. His obese, smoking doctor told him he needed to stay off of it. I told him the guy obviously has a PhD, and I don't, but he's been staying off his legs his who life. My advice was for him to buy a reclining bicycle, take off all the resistance, and just pedal round-and-round for increasing amounts of time every single day. I warned him if he doesn't, he's going to get his legs amputated. I changed jobs and never heard how that story ended. I'll bet he got his legs chopped. Now THAT'S lazy! His whole family ate at Burger King 2-3 times every day.
Sorry - I just don't get it.
End of rant (aren't blogs wonderful?).


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