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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ever since summer, I've had pains in my back, neck, and headaches. I'm not the kind of person who has had any history of chronic pain or headaches.
It seems that the culprit with my headaches and neck pain is my eyes are doing the usual old-person thing of getting more far-sighted. I'm a near-sighted person, so that means my eyes are getting better, except that the focal range is narrowing slightly.
My current prescription is a couple of years old, and my eyes have changed too much.
Also, I've been using bifocals of gradual gradient so there's no lines. I have to tilt my head back too far to see out the very bottom of the lense when reading close. That's what's strainging my neck and leading to headaches.
So I need a new prescription and three sets of new glasses - sunglasses for distance, regular glasses for distance, and computer/reading glasses. Maybe some contact lenses. I haven't had those in years, but maybe it's time to try them again.

As for the back - it's not my spine that hurts - it's the flesh. It only hurts when I run, and as i warm up it hurts less but doesn't quit.
This, I beleive, is caused by muscular imbalances. I've been exercising my back and it has helped. Tuesday was the most comfortable run I've had since summer, even though it was difficult footing on snow and ice.

Winter is definitely here. We have a few inches of snow everywhere and it's very icy driving.
Tonight, DTR runs at Bear Creek Lake. It's a very boring trail, but it allows a long run, and injury is unlikely unless I wipe out on black-ice.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Jeff, if you get contact lenses, insist on AcuVue - made by Vistakon. In the past, I always had trouble with my contacts drying out and being very uncomfortable to the point where I quit wearing them. I just got AcuVue lenses in September, (monthly disposables) and they are by far the most comfortable contact lenses that I've ever worn. I barely ever take them out. I love them, and I can see so much better with contacts than I can with glasses.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger JeffO said...

Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I had lots of trouble with dry eyes, especially in Colorado's desert-dry alpine air.


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