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Friday, January 11, 2008

Missed the SJS50

I thought I had gotten into the San Juan Solstice 50, but I didn't.
Only 150 people are allowed to run this because the National Forest Service won't allow any more than that.
At this writing, there are 90 people (and counting) on the wait-list. I'm #43 on the list.
Most races have a 20% drop, from illness, tragedy, or whatever. So out of 150 people, there may be expected a statistical 30 people who drop out. IF every single one of those are kind enough and able to convey that to race officials, then 30 people from the wait-list will get in. But usually fewer than half will notify race officials, so I estimate that only 10-15 people on the list will get in.
So I will almost certainly not be running the SJS50. (@*$#&! AAAAAH! GAH!!! UH! [nashing of teeth]) But I don't mind - really. I didn't really want to run the stupid race - not much anyways. I just (AAAAH!!! [apoplectic gutteral animal sounds]) - it's fine. So...
If I had a TV I could watch televised knitting.

Woah! What if I had a 60" plasma?!?! Then I could REALLY watch other people have fun!


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Meghan said...


I REALLY want you to run it! I'm running it and scared out of my mind. I need a Colorado expert!

By the way, your Turquoise Lake snowshoe race description sounds crazy! What weather! I'm glad that you had people to follow, as I can't imagine trying to navigate in a white out.

Have a fun road trip! Sounds lovely and warm!



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