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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Road Trip!

This season is getting a great kick-off. After destroying both of the last two winters with injuries, it's nice to be in one piece from the start. My knee problems were all caused by tight muscles, not over-use. I just have to do the correct stretches - frequently. Like once a day when I don't workout, and 2-3 times a day when I do.

I've already had my first snowshoe race. I learned a lot and got a fantastic workout.
Next is the Ghost Town 38.5 Jan. 20 in southern New Mexico. This breaks my rules of not doing anything that requires more than a day's drive, but I'll be carpooling with Dave B, so there's two of us to split the driving. What is normally two days for one driver will be one day for two drivers.

Then a real fun week of vacation planned. Seems like any trip with Paul G is quite an adventure.
First is the Red Hot 50K in Moab Jan. 20. I've never done this. Last year I-70 was closed due to high winds and I never made it. Hopefully this year will work out.
Immediately after we finish, we're skipping the awards at the Mondo Cafe and heading for Death Valley (yes I'll stretch first).
Paul will participate in a bike clinic and I'll ride and hike. Then we'll take a rambling canyonlands ride back to Denver. Maybe a stop in Marble.
If that vacation doesn't wear me out, nothing will!

During the week, there will be an eclipse.

Last night was a fast pace at Wash Park. Best tempo run I've had in months.


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