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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Snowshoeing

On Sunday's race, I was 77th out of 281. So I did better than I had thought.
For those of you who want the latest fashion news, I started the race wearing black and gray with a blue hat and red gloves. Then it warmed up so I took off my gray shirt. My rust-colored top totally sent the fashion-police after me (I'm still hiding out).

Monday, I went snowshoeing near Guanella Pass. I hadn't realized they closed Guanella for the winter. It used to be open year-'round. I just parked at the end-of-the-line and hiked until I was above treeline and then headed back.

My schedule is finally getting set, but there's still much to do.

This is my firm schedule so far:
Feb 16 - Moab's Red Hot 50K+
Feb 16-24 - Death Valley vacation
Mar 29-30 - Moab 100
Jun 21 - San Juan Solstice 50 (was at #43 on wait-list - now #42)
Jun 28-30 LT100 Training Camp
Jul 5 - Leadville Marathon
Jul 20 - Leadville Silver Rush 50 (new race!)
Aug 16-17 - Leadville 100

There are other races, of course, that I want to do, but I'm already registered for these above.


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