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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Regina Kelly Story

Since I'm injured, and haven't raced or trained in two months, and this blog isn't named after trail running (like my new blog is), I feel compelled to mention this story...

I saw the movie, American Violet. They had this GORGEOUS woman playing the leading role. You know how Hollywood does things. You see the real-life person and it just isn't the same.
So I Googled. In the movie, it's Dee Roberts (played by Nicole Beharie, who is only slightly totally freakin' HOT) is the woman in the Hollywood version. In real life, the woman's name is Regina Kelly.
So I Googled Regina Kelly. Wow, the real-life woman is also totally hot.
Also, I've seen druggies. I've seen a lot of druggies. In high school, most of my friends were druggies. In later years, riding with my friend who was a cop, I got to see worse druggies. And here in Denver, I got to see more. How anyone could think for one minute that this civilized, articulate woman could be involved in drugs is beyond me. I've seen beautiful people who sell drugs, and they lose their beauty and they don't act civilized. I've even known rich druggies in so-called hi-society. They also act like druggies. You can doll it up but it still smells and looks the same.
Watch this and tell me if you could suspect this woman for very long of hanging with the wrong crowd doing the wrong things.

One reason I "fled" the Mid-west is that racism is rampant. Seriously, not to blow things out of proportion, most people don't hate. So I'm talking about a large enough percentage of the population to poison the pond. The Midwest sucks when it comes to racial harmony. In fact, it's not just race. There was a narrowness of mind/attitude that appalled me my whole life... from all races - not just whites.

I have lots of stories of racism, mostly white-on-Hispanic, in Texas, but also blacks against whites, blacks against blacks, and every race against every other race.
Aren't humans a swell bunch of folks, Wally?
I love Denver. It isn't the best melting pot, but there isn't one narrow-minded mainstream that overrides all the others. Like it or not, Denver is diverse. And I take refuge in it.


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