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Friday, September 11, 2009

Obesity Studies

Check out these Obesity studies...
Low self-esteem leads to obesity

The "OB" or "FTO" fat genes lead to obesity

Over-eating leads to obesity

Obesity raises fertility!!!! (Reason #9)

Obesity can damage fertility!!!

What a circus! Can you understand my cynicism?

On the first topic, "low self-esteem causes obesity" - get real! Your typical type-A personality is said to be driven by an insatiable low self-esteem. No matter how great their accomplishments, there's always something wrong with what they've done, and it's never enough. When's the last time you ever saw an obese type-A? They're always either built like a tank, or skinny. Often a triathlete, but usually an elite athlete of some sort.

Genes. I just don't believe genes have much affect. They certainly could have some small affect on where on your body fat tends to get stored, and some slight affect on appetite, but no one ever got fat from being hungry.

Over-eating leads to obesity. Since food doesn't leap into your mouth and gag its way down your throat, people must be shoving too much down, and burning too little off. I admit it - I eat too much. Anyone who eats too much needs to admit it or they'll NEVER get a handle on the problem!

Fertility - I'm flabbergasted. How do obese people find their organs? I think some of them haven't seen their own knees in years, much less their organs. How can obese people manage to get, er-hum, "attached" down there? Sorry for the visuals.

Well, the "studies" aren't helping out.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should call yourself Mr Science!I'm a father, and I think I know how this happens.But I've noticed that a woman with child has a big belly, and I've noticed the same about fat women. But I've also seen men with big bellies, and they can't be preg-o(but if they eat too much spaghetti with Prego they can become fat.)
Come to think of it,Mr. Science,you caused my confusion, rather than clearing up something that existed previously!So am I a big fat type-A idiot? I have several kids and I admit that with every accomplishment it wasn't enough. Is this caused by stupidity genes? Is this caused by being overly logical?

At 10:30 PM, Blogger JeffO said...

Man, we must be related - carrying the same genes!! LOL


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