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Friday, July 31, 2009

Roman City Altinum on Google Earth

This is cool! I read that Altinum had been found under fields. There was even a comment that, being near the Venice airport, it's wonder it wasn't found sooner.
So I opened GE and looked for a match to the trees and roads. It didn't take long.
Try it! There are even the faint ghosts of a couple of ancient highways, straight as an arrow, leading right to Antinum - but you have to zoom way out from the area they have in all the news stories.
45deg 33' N, 12deg 23.5' E
The other odd thing why it took them so long is, duh, modern Altino is next to it. Altino is like a 2-farm town sorrounded by fields.
One of the ancient highways can be seen leading right towards the main terminal of Marco Polo airport. The other road heads straight from the northern Altinum city gate (reference the archeological map) and heads northeast.
There is quite a lot of ghostly stuff you can see through the fields that aren't mentioned in the news articles but are pretty obvious.
Heck, you might even find Jimmy Hoffa's body!


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