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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cool Website!

I'm going camping with my 15y.o. son in the Winfield area, where the out-and-back LT100 course turns around at 50 miles.

Waiting for his lazy teenage ass to get out of bed so we can leave, I've been cruising the Internet. I found several really cool websites. I read somewhere some guy's idea of the best websites, and he chose the Drudge Report as #1. Very plain. Why the best? Because it loads instantly and is a no-nonsense informative site that lets you decide for yourself what is more interresting, instead of trying to guide you into believing that the current stupid thing Brittany Spears or some other idiot has done is newsworthy. The Drudge Report just tosses headlines out there with very little to differentiate them. And the Drudge Report doesn't actually write any of the content, nor host any content. All it does is link.
In that theme, Neatorama does a blurb-and-link. Not as plain as the Drudge Report, plus they add a little photo and blurb, plus they do have their own content sometimes. Neatorama links to many other unique and educational sites like EnvironmentalGraffiti,
and this funny blog
and HealthAssist
and NASA's Earth Observatory.


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