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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taking a Break

My plantar faciitis and Achilles injury are both simmering. I needed crutches after Jemez, not the next morning. Haven't been limping at all, but I can feel my injuries down there. I don't think I should run at all until I can walk without feeling my injuries. Then some easy, short intervals. I'm starting over again from scratch, biking some but mostly doing yard work and catching up on chores that has piled up on my list.

Sage Burner 50K this weekend - but I can only go camp with my friends and ride my bike. Maybe I'll hijack an aid station. Whatever, I paid, I'm going, I want my tshirt-or-whatever, and then I want to hang out with my friends and camp Saturday night.

With Jemez, I forgot to post the photos from the Greenland 50K.

Here are the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place women.
Bronwyn Morrissey on the left won, Elizabeth Campagna in the middle came in 3rd, and Caitlin Jones came in 2nd. Elizabeth ran an incredible race, almost perfectly steady until close to the end. She almost won.
Bronwyn did an awesome job taking and keeping the lead, but I think Elizabeth led most of the race. And Caitlin was going so fast at the end, if the race had been .2 longer, she woulda-coulda won.
It was very cool to see them all finish consecutively, with no guys between them. Very impressive competition to witness.

Here's Elizabeth and some ugly guy - wait, that's me! What a handsome cripple, don't you think? Pikes Peak is in the background, but the contrast made it invisible, so take my word for it, okay?


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