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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lance Armstrong at the LT100 Mtn Bike Race

I was just trying to grab some more altitude a week before the LT100 Run and spend some time with friends. I took my son and we went camping with a handful of Denver Trail Runners.
They were way more into seeing Lance and other famous bikers than I. Not my thing, but my son really thought it was uber-kool to see him.

My lense decided to fog up just in time for him to ride by. I had the camera mounted on a very steady log, so there was no shaking and it should have been crystal-clear. But it wasn't, so there.
At the finishline, I totally forgot my camera in the car a half mile away. A friend gave me his 7 megapixel camera while he used his 3 megapixel camera. The leader trucks were blocking our view completely. We didn't even know Lance was hidden beyond the far corner of the trailing truck. Neither of us saw him until he was almost past. Both of us shot while looking over the top of the cameras and moving them like a machinegun. Somehow, we both managed to get him perfectly centered and no shaking.
Now if only he would email the photos to me, I could share them.
It was fun doing photography, for a change. I won't quit my day-job, even if I get a good camera.

A few more days until the LT100 Run. I'm obviously not "ready", when you consider I haven't trained in months. Last year, I didn't even try at the 50-miler, and did it under 10 hours. This year I actually tried the whole way, and it still took me 48 minutes longer! So that doesn't bode well.
It's convenient having tons of notes. I've been packing since Sunday night, and I think my dropbags are ready. My pace charts have been modified from last year to allow me to have a smoother (for my legs) pace.
So I'm in lousy condition. I'm getting really fat. Anything could happen, though. I could break a foot before I reach the first aid station. Or I might finish in 28 hours. I'm just going to enjoy the running. I'm so tired of not running.

Last year, the weather was rainy and snowy. This year's forecast is for clear weather and heat. I'm not sure which is harder.


At 9:07 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Jeff, I'll be up in Leadville pacing Harry H. Hope to see you up there crossing that finish line. Keep moving forward - yeah you know. Get this one done and you save the season.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Team Gangels Runs said...

Thanks Jeff. I hope you are all healed up and ready to go.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger John Wright said...

Good luck Jeff, I like that you are just into the running. I hope you enjoy the race and just keep those legs moving. Leg, leg, feet, feet. It's what running is all about. I will see you there and give you a big DTR shout with the hot girls I am bringing along.

At 1:29 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Dood, good luck this weekend. I'm thinking good thoughts for you! Also, take care of that damn foot!



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